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Auroracoin was the first airdrop ever. The airdrop was launched in February 2014, as an alternative to Iceland’s native currency króna.

Despite the initial enthusiasm, the project failed shortly after under the pressure of regulations and politicians.

However, Auroracoin changed the crypto world forever. It introduced the concept of airdrops, the free tokens given to users in exchange for completing minor tasks.

Crypto enthusiasts liked the idea of receiving free coins with minimum effort, while crypto/blockchain startups loved the idea of reaching a large number of users and their wallets cheaply.

More and more airdrops started to show up on the crypto sky, inevitably bringing with them scammers and Ponzi schemes.

The problem was that airdrops were scattered all over the Internet, without a central platform unifying them. Moreover, it was hard to recognize a scammy airdrops.

Luckily, this changed when Airdrop Alert stepped on the scene.

Airdrop Alert – first airdrop aggregator

It was 2017 and Airdrop Alert founder and CEO, Morten Christensen, was travelling the world.

In Japan, he found out about airdrops, loved the concept, and started to share his enthusiasm with anyone interested in listening.

Since it was very difficult to find information about crypto airdrops and how to join them, he and the cofounder decided to start a basic informational website with listed legitimate airdrops.

Airdrop Alert
Morten Christensen – Airdrop Alert Founder & CEO

And, the same year, Airdrop Alert was launched.

Soon, the small team of three started to work tirelessly on providing information about airdrops, such as how to join them and collect free coins.

Plus, ICOs realized the potential of free tokens, and started to reach out for hosting their airdrops.

With the rapid growth of airdrop distributions, and people visiting the website, the team also grew, and reached 15 people.

So, how what does Airdrop Alert offer?

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Airdrop Alert platform

Today, Airdrop Alert is more than a basic informational website with listed airdrops.

Of course, data about upcoming and current airdrops and how to join is there, but with some extras.

For example, the platform regularly publishes useful beginner-friendly guides and walkthrough videos, like this one below.

Now, the users even have the possibility to use the dashboard, which means that they can easily navigate and join airdrops campaigns, and sell their tokens without leaving the website.

Also, the platform offers an airdrop service for ICOs, and helps them to get exposure and build a community through airdrops.

Final words

Airdrop Alert went a long way from being a simple website with airdrop information, to a fully functional platform verifying and listing airdrops, and helping ICOs with airdrop distribution.

Recently, the platform celebrated listing more than 2,500 airdrops. Moreover, the team distributed and promoted for over 30 ICOs.

Airdrop Alert anniversary

With their platform, they managed to attract people to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in a simple, safe, and fun way. And that’s not all.

Airdrop Alert turned airdrops from an underestimated technique to a successful marketing strategy for blockchain/crypto startups.

So, if you want to join Airdrop Alert and become the part of airdrop family, feel free to visit the website and subscribe. We would love to have you with us.