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Why do you need the help of airdrop websites? Because finding good, non-scammy free airdrops can be daunting sometimes. Or often.

You can read daily about the newest airdrop scam, its social media profiles disappeared, private keys were stolen. And, how are you supposed to know it was a scam?

Luckily for you, on the Internet, you can find airdrop websites that collect verified airdrops and explain to you how to participate in airdrop distribution.

People behind these websites check every airdrop, its team, website, and social media profiles to make sure it’s legit. Then, they verify it and list it on the website. Basically, airdrop websites do the research for you.

In this blog post, we’ll cover some of the best airdrop websites that will help you to collect free crypto coins. Ready? – one of the best airdrop websites

best airdrop websites airdropalert

Airdrop Alert was launched in June 2017 to increase awareness about airdrops and to help people earn with them.

On the website, you can find new, upcoming, featured, exclusive, and past airdrops with information about airdrop and guidelines on how to join it.

While on the Airdrop Alert website, don’t forget to check their Knowledge base with detailed explanations of crypto/blockchain terms. – earn crypto with airdrops

best airdrop websites

This is a platform allowing users to earn cryptocurrency by completing microtasks such as answering messages and giving feedback on a white paper. Now, on the website they have listed verified and legit airdrops to participate in. 

Startups can either give away tokens, or ask users to complete small tasks like inviting other users to the platform. – airdrops made easy

best airdrop websites cryptoairdrops

Along with the list of airdrops, has a getting started guide, and FAQ section with an explanation of airdrops, bounties, blockchain, Ethereum, etc.

Before putting the airdrop on the list, the team conducts thorough research on each airdrop, rate, and then, lists it with instructions on how to receive free coins. – earning crypto made simple


BountyOx is a decentralized bounty and airdrop management platform. They have a list of active bounty and airdrop campaigns, along with the different bounty categories.

To participate, you’ll have to choose a bounty or airdrop, do the work and then submit it for review. If the team approves your work, you’ll receive payment. – airdrop website with best crypto deals

airdrop websites airdropster

Airdropster is one of the first airdrops aggregators. On the website, you can search for airdrops based on the most recent ones, the ones ending soon, and the best rated airdrops.

Now, the platform has a new e-mail service, which means that you can find out about new airdrops through email. – automated freebies in your wallet

best airdrop websites freeairdrops

Free airdrops is an airdrop platform suitable for both beginners and experienced airdrop hunters. On the platform, users can gather free coins from crypto projects, that are automatically airdropped into crypto wallet every month.

How does it work? First, you pick a plan and register. Then, you complete the payment, and wait for at least 4 airdrops in your wallet every month.

Final words about best airdrop websites

Crypto airdrops are a great way to enter the crypto world. But to earn crypto and not fall for a scam, you need a trusted source of information. We hope that above listed websites will help you in your airdrop journey.