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Raising people’s awareness about a project, is one of the biggest challenges blockchain startups face. Additionally, creating a network effect in the blockchain space is equally hard.

And, to be successful, a project needs a strong and active community that is interested and believes in your idea. It means that you need an excellent marketing campaign.

However, the main problem in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, is that institutions such as SEC have a restricting policy, considering cryptocurrencies and anything related to them almost illegal.

In the past, and today, that led to Facebook banning crypto related ads, and SEC warning influencers and celebrities that they are violating securities laws by promoting ICOs.

As you can see, building a community using some of these methods can be hard. Around that time, the blockchain world started to get known to airdrops, tokens that are distributed to the users for free or in exchange for completing small tasks.

blockchain community with airdrops

During the years, airdrops proved to be an effective marketing tool for generating brand awareness, and building active communities of crypto enthusiasts.

So, if you’re want to distribute an airdrop and build a community around your project, here are some tips to help you with that.

Give the community a good reason to participate in your airdrop

More and more blockchain/crypto companies started to realize how effective airdrop distribution could be. As a result, airdrop launches increased, and the space is becoming oversaturated.

This means that you have to give people a good reason to participate in an airdrop and support a project.

community why they should care

So, explain to people why they should be excited about your project. What is it going to improve? How can they use tokens that they receive?

Show them that you care

Building a community, especially a community of people who care about your project, is a long-term process. The relationship you develop with the members of your community has to be nurtured. How do you do that?

You can start by keeping your community regularly updated about news and progress you make. Answer all the relevant questions they may have. Encourage discussions about your project and participate in them.

Prevent bot entries

All the traffic and members you get from airdrops should be organic. Otherwise, it’s useless.

People that are in your community should be interested in the project. One of the common problems with airdrops is bot entries.

community recaptcha

The bots don’t bring any value to your community, and you should avoid this. For example, you can use Google reCAPTCHA to prevent bot entries.

Get the members of the community involved in the airdrop

Although you can simply give away tokens, it’s always a better option to ask the users to complete certain tasks.

The tasks can include posting about your project on social media, joining your Telegram group, referring the airdrop to their friends, etc.

This way, you’ll get people more interested about the project, plus, you’ll spread the word more quickly.


If done correctly, an airdrop can generate buzz for your project that is largely free. Plus, you can gather a community of people that will support and promote the project, even when the airdrop distribution is finished.

We hope that the tips above will help you with that. Good luck!